We are an integrated IT company using the best available application from IT industry apart from providing IT services we also manage documentation and design appropriate formats for our Clients.

Chip Level Trouble Shooting & Repair of Laptop Motherboard, Motherboard, Printer, TFT, MONITOR-Identification of components, Meter checking of components, Transistor and IC used, Soldering and De-soldering, Data sheet of Transistor & IC used, checking of TR & IC, Sections of Monitor, Scanning, CRT, Circuit detail, Monochrome and color monitor working of components, Input Port signal path.


Our institution aims at imparting the best possible education to the pupils. It enables them to develop a sound moral character and a high intellectual sense. We emphasize on flowering of an all round personality of the student and also instill in them a sense of true discipline. Our goal is to inculcate in them qualities which would make them ideal citizens of the country ready to shoulder responsibilities in life. We Endeavor to lay special emphasis on duties of every child towards the nation and fellow Indians and to promote in them the  spirits  of  unity  hard-work  and  fraternity.  It is our firm belief that each child should imbibe the invaluable ideas and tradition of the glorious Indian culture to make them worthy sons & daughter of the country.